Lost and Found

Items you've lost or found

Missing Red Cooler from CR44

We had a red cooler sitting towards the end of our driveway on CR 44 this morning, waiting for our friends to pick it up (it was on its way back to the CSA farm). But, someone must have thought it was for the taking, as it disappeared before it was picked up. It is a red metal cooler with a white interior and we'd greatly appreciate it back. If you have it, just drop it back off where you found it. It has two names on the lid of the cooler.


DATE: 08/29/2015 01:52pm

Hat and camera lost at Seagull

Guests at Bearskin Lodge lost a yellow hat and a camera at the Seagull Landing, and would be very grateful to get them back.  If you found them, call 388 - 2292.     Thank you!

CONTACT: Bearskin Lodge
PHONE: 388 2292
DATE: 08/26/2015 07:33pm

Lost black Haro BMX helmet

Lost black BMX bike helmet - Haro brand with grenade sticker on it.  Probably lost downtown last Saturday during Fisherman's Picnic.

Please call 387-1468 if you found it.

PHONE: 387-1468
DATE: 08/05/2015 04:38pm