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One man's junk is another man's treasure! Anything that you'd like to give away, that someone else might want

Free: Overhead Garage Door Panels

Free to first taker:

Four steel panels for an overhead garage door.  The panels are for a door opening of 8 feet by 16 feet wide, so each panel is approximately 2 feet by 16 feet. Two of the panels are damaged; two are not. Dark brown color. You haul.

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PHONE: 387-9244
DATE: 10/02/2014 04:12pm

Free Upright Piano

Free Upright Piano- yours if you move! 

Call Tom Nelson for details: (218) 387-2271 ext 644

CONTACT: Cara Price
PHONE: 2183872271
DATE: 10/02/2014 08:26am