Giveaway Items

One man's junk is another man's treasure! Anything that you'd like to give away, that someone else might want

Free 32 inch TV (not flat screen)

32 inch TV, not flat Screen, works good, excellant condition, have two that must go.


Call Sandi 387-2795

PHONE: 218-387-2795
DATE: 01/05/2015 01:55pm

Another Free TV

24" Sony Trinitron, excellent condition. S-video and other cables available.

CONTACT: Pete Birse
PHONE: 387-1211
DATE: 01/02/2015 11:04am

Free empty kitty litter 35 pound plastic pails

free empty kitty litter 35 pound pails. Have 4 or so. Have lid attached and are clean, just need to be rinsed a little bit to get the dust out. Great for storing stuff in!   387-1359

CONTACT: Kevin Mackey
DATE: 12/30/2014 02:19pm