Giveaway Items

One man's junk is another man's treasure! Anything that you'd like to give away, that someone else might want

free rhubarb

I have a large rhubarb plant that is ready to cut.  Give me a call (387-2284) and we can arrange a meeting time.  I wouldn't mind a jar of rhubarb sauce or jam in exchange.

CONTACT: Lynn Arnold
PHONE: 387-2284
DATE: 06/16/2015 05:44pm

Lawn mower

It's a mulcher with a good blade and deck. The motor is still good, but needs carburetor work. come and get it! It's by the road on 7th Ave w.

PHONE: 2183701625
DATE: 06/11/2015 10:37am

Free treadmill

nearly new treadmill with moving handles for a double workout. Space-saver-folds up when not in use.Many digital options to track heart rate,etc

Call and leave message- 387-1913


CONTACT: Vicki Biggs-Anderson
PHONE: 387-1913
DATE: 06/10/2015 07:48pm

Giving Away: Sm Gas Stove and Refrigerator

Give Away: Two items-- a small gas stove and an average size refrigerator located in Hovland. They were both working when stored, need to be cleaned.

Local contact: Harry at 475-2359

DATE: 04/27/2015 01:26pm

12 8' flourescent light fixtures, bulbs, and extra ballasts

12 light fixtures with 24 bulbs and extra ballasts.  All but one of the ballasts were in working condition when the fixtures were removed a few days ago.  These fixtures were removed because I did an upgrade to LED fixtures, so were in working condition.  Great for a shop or basement.  Take all or none, locaed in Hovland at Chicago Bay Marketplace.

DATE: 01/10/2015 09:40am