Giveaway Items

One man's junk is another man's treasure! Anything that you'd like to give away, that someone else might want

Free Air Purifyer

Alpine Air Purifyer Model 700 Negetive Ion Style air cleaner, works good.

CONTACT: Steve Bragg
PHONE: 2186637682
DATE: 05/27/2016 11:41am

Thank you Boreal

Thank you Boreal and to the 6 people who harvested rhubarb this week.  There will be more this summer and I will keep you posted when harvesting is on.

CONTACT: Lynn Arnold
PHONE: 218-387-2284
DATE: 05/25/2016 06:38pm

Free Stuff

Trail-a-bike, bike frame, foot stool, styrofoam cooler at the end of the driveway - 936 Devil's Track Rd.

#### Whoever picked up the trail a bike, contact me for the piece that connects it to the adult bike.

PHONE: 2183871468
DATE: 05/24/2016 06:31pm

Free seed potatoes

I have planted what I want into my garden and have extra to share.  Russet and Red Potomac are what I have available.

CONTACT: Joanne M. Smith
PHONE: 218-387-2052
DATE: 05/24/2016 10:33am

boy, do I have rhubarb!!

I have a monster rhubarb plant just dying to be harvested.  Please call 387-2284 if you want to come over and get some.

CONTACT: Lynn Arnold
PHONE: 218-387-2284
DATE: 05/23/2016 12:01pm

We got FREE crates again...@ Steve's Sports


We got free crates again.. forts, chicken coops, outhouse, toys storage..... Stop in or give us a call - Steve's Sports & Auto 387-1835

CONTACT: Steve's Sports
PHONE: 387 1835
DATE: 05/20/2016 01:51pm

Queen box spring

 Queen boxspring in good shape, free. Email only please.

CONTACT: Steve Ramberg
DATE: 05/20/2016 05:02am

FREE - Packing Peanuts & Packing Pillows @ Lake Superior Trading Post

FREE - Packing Peanuts & Packing Pillows @ Lake Superior Trading Post.  Current store hours:  Mon-Thur 9-5, Fri&Sat 9-5:30 and Sun 10-5.

PHONE: (218) 387-2020
DATE: 05/18/2016 05:50pm

Free Ink

Various ink cartridges available free.  All are still sealed in the box/package but have expired.  Should still work perfectly.

11 cartridges for Epson Stylus Photo $800 & $1800, various colors

1 cartridge each of HP74, HP920XL, Canon 3E and Epson E601, all black

Available at Sundew Technical Services, 425 West Hwy 61 (under the Grand Marais Pharmacy).  Inside the foyer that's open 24 hours.  Help yourself.

CONTACT: Jeremy Ridlbauer
PHONE: 218-370-0733
DATE: 05/18/2016 12:34pm

Packaging materials

Need packaging materials?  Come and get 'em!  I've got brown packing paper, air pillows, styrofoam in lots of sizes and types, and bubble wrap.  Need to cover the snow blower for the season?  I've got sheets of plastic that will do the job.

Email me at

CONTACT: Lynn Arnold
PHONE: 218-387-2284
DATE: 05/16/2016 06:54pm

Small Sofa-hide-a-bed

Small Sofa hide-a-bed.  Cloth covered. FREE

CONTACT: Gordon E. Lindquist
PHONE: 218/387-1108
DATE: 05/16/2016 02:53pm

FREE Freezer--is spoken for

Free chest freezer. 18.5 cu ft, 2 baskets, lock. Works great.  Is gone.

CONTACT: Bob Kangas
PHONE: 663-7607
DATE: 05/16/2016 08:03am

Free King Pillow-top Mattress - TAKEN - THANKS BOREAL!

We have a King-size Sealy Pillow-top mattress that is available to the first person who can haul it out of our home.  We bought a Sleep Number bed and have no use for it.  Call home (218) 663-7423 or cell (612) 325-7424 or email me ASAP at  We always had additional mattress covers on it and it still has a lot of life in it!

CONTACT: Randy Voeks
PHONE: 218-663-7423
DATE: 05/11/2016 02:10pm

Free enmotion dispensing equipment and some supplies

en motion equipment for free. We have some excess product as well. 

CONTACT: Michael
PHONE: 387-1112
DATE: 05/10/2016 01:29pm

free car and truck/SUV tires

I have 2 sets of (4) used tires, both have 1/4" or more tread and are in good shape.

Goodyear Wrangler AT/S truck/suv tires from a 2005 Suburban


Michelin primacy MXV4 from a 2002 VW passat



CONTACT: randy schnobrich
PHONE: 2184650106
DATE: 05/09/2016 05:11pm