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"Brighten the lives of our Care Center residents”.

Terra Bella Floral is looking for 30 businesses or individuals to be willing to participate in “brighten the lives of our Care Center residents”. 

Our Care Center has 30 residents and I would like to be able to deliver each one of them a bouquet of flowers every month. 

It would cost your business $32.36 per month (no delivery fee).  I will add a card that says “Just wanted to brighten your day!” 

With or without a signature that is up to you.  I will make sure the flowers are seasonal.  Let me know if you would like to participate!! 

One, two or even three residents.  It’s completely up to you!!

Thanks in advance!

Talk to you soon,


Terra Bella Floral & Gifts

"The Earth Smiles In Flowers"

Sandra McQuatters

407 4th Ave. East

P.O. Box 1148

Grand Marais, MN  55604


Open 10-4 Monday -Friday

     10-2 Saturday

CONTACT: Terra Bella Floral
PHONE: 218-387-1919
DATE: 08/31/2016 10:52am

Faith Sullivan at Drury Lane TODAY

Join us for a reading and conversation with Faith to celebrate her book "Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse", recently out in paperback.

Wednesday August 31st

4:30 PM

Outside by the lake, in front of Drury Lane Books on the East Bay of Grand Marais.

One of Minnesota’s best loved writers, Faith Sullivan was born and raised in southern Minnesota, and is the author of five novels set in the fictional town of Harvester, Minnesota: Goodnight, Mr. Wodehouse (2015), Gardenias (2005), What a Woman Must Do (2002), The Empress of One (1997) and The Cape Ann (1988). Before these she published a contemporary fantasy, Mrs. Demming and The Mythical Beast (1988), a thriller, Watchdog (1983) and the humorous Repent, Lanny Merkel (1981, with deep debt, she says, to PG Wodehouse -- and now on Kindle), also all set in Minnesota. Devoted to her readers, Sullivan estimates that she has visited over 1,000 different book clubs to speak about her books.

Sullivan is a longtime creative writing teacher, as well as a stalwart supporter of the Loft Literary Center.

CONTACT: Drury Lane
PHONE: 2183873370
DATE: 08/31/2016 09:15am


Did you know that we are Sun-Mar Composting toilet dealer?


*No plumbing                    *No pollution

*No water                          *Saves water

*Oder free                         *Recycles nutrients

*Inexpensive solution        *Little or no liquid output

Stop by and pick up a brochure!!

Isak Hansen True Value   Lutsen  663-7201

CONTACT: Isak Hansen True Value
PHONE: 663-7201
DATE: 08/30/2016 07:42am



Monday thru Friday   7 am to 8 pm

Saturday                  8 am to 8 pm

Sunday                    Closed

CONTACT: Rob Svadlenka
PHONE: 218-387-9279
DATE: 08/29/2016 05:20pm

North Shore Health MRI Service

North Shore Health has magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  A mobile MRI service available every other Saturday.  Please call 387-3268 for more information.

CONTACT: Michele Silence
PHONE: 218-387-3040
DATE: 08/29/2016 08:44am

Billboard for lease

The Town of Tofte is looking to lease both sides of the billboard on the southwest end of the township.  The lease can be for one or two sides. The leasee agrees to provide, install and maintain a billboard sign no larger than 12’ x 24’ at its own expense. A minimum of a one year lease will be required. Please contact Clerk Barb Gervais at if you are interested in leasing the billboard or with any questions.   Thank you.

CONTACT: Barbara Gervais
PHONE: 2183700763
DATE: 08/28/2016 03:51pm