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Raven's Beak Yarn Shop Hours

Raven's Beak Design Yarn Shop will be closed October 19 -22. Shop will re-open Thursday, October 23 from 1-5 pm with Open Knitter's Project night from 5 - 7pm. All are welcome.

The "Transition Sale" will continue October 24 - November 4 with some very excellent deals on some lovely yarns. Be sure to visit early so you can have first choice on colors.

October 24 - November 4 Open daily 11 am - 5 pm; closed Sundays.

The shop will close again November 5 - 18. Open Nov. 19 - 30 daily 11 - 5; Closed Sundays &Thanksgiving.

On December 1st whatever is left of the sale yarns will go online (ebay and etsy), so STOCK UP NOW!

On January 1 Raven's Beak Design will be open to you 24/7 online, and in town by appointment only. The yarn shop at The Garage will close December 30th. Please be sure to stock up on yarns, rovings, books and gift items while you can see them and handle them in person.

Thank you for your patronage, past, present and into the future in cyber land. I look forward to meeting you there.

CONTACT: Linda Bauer
DATE: 10/18/2014 02:53pm

integraply underlayment for sale

20 New 1/4"x4x8 sheets integraply underlayment; glue and screws.  Will sell for what we paid.  Interested call Sharon Bloomquist for details.

CONTACT: Sharon Bloomquist
PHONE: 387-1714
DATE: 10/18/2014 12:32pm

ANSUL System

Restaurant ANSUL system for sale.  Must see.

CONTACT: EvaLyn Carlson
PHONE: 370-7842
DATE: 10/16/2014 05:05pm

Halloween Party at the American Legion

Come party with us on Halloween!  Friday, October 31st we will be hosting a fun party, with drink specails, door prizes, and tasty food.  Everyone is welcome.  Call us at (218) 387-2974 if you have any questions.

CONTACT: American Legion Post # 413
PHONE: (218) 387-2974
DATE: 10/16/2014 03:32pm

Donations for Homeless Veterans

Clothing donations are being accepted at the American Legion for homeless veterans through November 15th.  We're looking specifically for winter boots, jackets, socks, sleeping bags and other cold weather clothing items.  Please contact us at (218) 387-2974 if you have any questions.

CONTACT: American Legion Post # 413
PHONE: 387-2974
DATE: 10/16/2014 12:15pm

Used Wenonah Kevlar Canoes For Sale

Refurbished Kevlar rental canoes.  Most are three years old. Our used canoes are in full repair and have many years of useful life ahead. A fresh coat of epoxy has been neatly applied to the bottoms, filling all scratches.  Kevlar skid plates on the bow and stern wear points that have been maintained since new. All have comfy, adjustable, custom yoke pads.

Models for sale include: Wenonah 17 (42 lbs); Wenonah Minnesota II (42 lbs); Wenonah Minnesota III (50 lbs); Wenonah Seneca (50 lbs).  Priced at $1450 + tax or less depending on condition.  To see individual canoe pictures, price and descriptions:

Your satisfaction is guaranteed - if you don't like the canoe when you see it, you get your money back with no questions.

CONTACT: Sawbill Canoe Outfitters
PHONE: 218-663-7150
DATE: 10/16/2014 11:49am