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Carpenter Ant Migration

You just got up to the cabin and for the first time ever you are seeing lots of ants or you treated for them and they suddenly come back in force. You see ants carrying larvae and pupae into the cabin and its obvious something is happening.

You are likely seeing what is called "colony migration".. This occurs when conditions force an existing ant colony to either move or fragment. Conditions where excess moisture or the fact that the tree, containing a nest, 50 feet away from the cabin came down in a wind storm can cause the colony to flee their nest cavity and go elsewhere.. Why do they choose your cabin?  They do so because the foraging ants have, over the years, probably identified your cabin as a good place to find water, food and shelter. The phermone trails are already set down and when the colony moves (probably in the middle of the night), it follows the paths that lead to recources. 

What should you do when this happens?

Don't panic. The visible ants are the biggest issue at this point. Any damage of significance will take time to develop. Grab your phone and give us a call and let us take a look. We have an excellent and green system to get them out and do so without impacting other wildlife. Standard pesticides are not the answer here. Killing visible ants will not impact the source and only make them avoid the areas you spray, not leave your cabin. 

Carpenter ants are beneficial insects.. They are a significant part of the process of reduction of wood to soil and in concert with other wood destroying insects, keep our forest floor from piling up with dead trees. Woodpeckers feed on them, in some cases, almost exclusively.. We want them out there.. just not in our cabins.

Now if we can just control the black flies!! LOL

Bill and Katie.. North Shore Superior Pest Management 


CONTACT: North Shore Superior Pest Management
PHONE: 218-370-2323
DATE: 06/28/2015 08:13am

Holly's Organic Dog Treats are BACK at Gunflint Mercantile!

Holly's Barkery Organic Dog Treats are BACK!!!

AND we have a new flavor only available at Gunflint Mercantile..... Darby's Maple Bacon Biscuits!!!
(named after our one and only Darby... who definitely approves of the biscuits as seen in photo)

Stop in and pick up a treat for you... and your pup!

CONTACT: Gunflint Mercantile
PHONE: 387-9228
DATE: 06/27/2015 01:30pm

Art Colony Sculpture Classes

Explore the world of 3-D at the Art Colony!  Call to register or with questions: 218-387-2737

Animal Sculpture - Advanced with Judd Nelson
July 2 - 3 | 9am - 4pm
Tuition: $190 | Supply Fee: $33

Metal Casting with Recyclable Molds with Wayne Potratz
July 23 - 26 | 9am - 4pm
Tuition: $420 | Supply Fee: $70

Beyond the Object: Art & Community with Kinji Akagawa
August 3 - 7 | 9am - 4pm
Tuition: $575

Driftwood Sculpture with Tom Christiansen
August 15 - 16 | 9am - 4pm
Tuition: $150 | Supply Fee: $9

Kiln Cast Sculpture and Pate de Verre with Donna Rice
August 31 - September 4 | 9am - 4pm
Tuition: $425 | Supply Fee: $96

CONTACT: Grand Marais Art Colony
PHONE: 218-387-2737
DATE: 06/26/2015 09:53am

Woodwork Finishing / Refinishing

High end custom woodwork finishing / refinishing applications.

45 years serving the residential / commercial construction industry.

Insured / Mn Contractor Registered.

Anderson Residential and Commercial Construction Services

Lutsen, Mn 

call or text pH 218 349 0219


CONTACT: Timothy Anderson - Anderson Construction
PHONE: 218 349 0219
DATE: 06/25/2015 10:08am

FISH Project

Wanted  women age 16 to 50

Have you enrolled in the FISH Project? Project ending soon: 500 participants or June 30th. We are now at 482 participants!

Visits are free and confidential- do not need to eat fish to participate- can be pregnant -child friendly visits- visits approx 45 min- small amount of blood needed, minors will need a parent/guardian consent.


 Call today to schedule an appointment or for questions: Sawtooth Mountain Clinic 387 2330 or Grand Portage Health Service 475 2235

CONTACT: Joyce Klees
PHONE: 387 2330
DATE: 06/24/2015 10:43am

ROD & CARIBOU @Voyageur Brewing FRIDAY 8pm

Head down to the beautiful Voyageur Brewing Company in Grand Marais this Friday, June 26th, from 8 to 11 p.m. to hear local duo "Rod & Caribou," along with bassist Pat Flack.

Rod & Caribou play a sweet selection of folk, roots, classic country, and Americana music, and are founding members of the popular local dance band Cook County's Most Wanted.  


CONTACT: mncaribou
DATE: 06/24/2015 09:55am