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Used Kevlar Canoes for Sale

Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters is selling off a selection of its rental fleet. After three + seasons as rental units, these canoes are ready to start their new life with a single owner and still have many, many Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness adventures in them. Each canoe has some patches on the hull, as well as scratches and other cosmetic damage.


3 (three) We-no-nah Escapes. $1000.00 each. The Escape is an extremely lightweight canoe, weighing  just 42 pounds. The canoe is 17' 6" long, with silver aluminum trim, an ash yoke with shoulder pads, natural (skin-coat) finish, and adjustable stern foot brace. The seat style varies from canoe to canoe.  Retails at $2600.00.

2 (two) Bell Northwinds. $1000.00 each. 17' 6" long with kevlar lite material, aluminum trim, yoke with shoulder pads. Weighs approximately 44 pounds. 

1 (one) We-no-nah Minnesota III. $1300.00. Canoe is 20' long, with silver aluminum trim, yoke, and natural (skin-coat) finish. Weighs 55 pounds. Retails at $3000.00. 

Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters is located at 193 Round Lake Rd, 47 miles up the Gunflint Trail. Fall hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., every day - swing by to take a look! Email or call for more details. 


CONTACT: Tuscarora Lodge and Canoe Outfitters
PHONE: 218-388-2221
DATE: 09/06/2015 04:14pm

Glass Painting Demo Today!

Come in out of the rain and enjoy a glass painting demo today at 1pm with Anna Hess.  Anna will demonstrate her technique of decorating glass yet maintaining its functionality.  She will teach Functional Glass Painting December 12 - 13, 2015.

Call the Art Colony with any questions or simply drop in!

CONTACT: Grand Marais Art Colony
PHONE: 218-387-2737
DATE: 09/05/2015 08:15am