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12 Days of Christmas - Day 1: Howard Sivertson!

Day One of Sivertson Gallery's 12 Days of Christmas showcases HOWARD SIVERTSON and his wonderful giclees!!! 

Whether it’s a giclee paper print, a captivating book or a “ready to hang” canvas – We have all you Howard fans & North Shore history buffs covered. Check out all of our beautiful options here at Sivertson Gallery or online -

See you soon! 

CONTACT: Sivertson Gallery
PHONE: 218-387-2491
DATE: 12/07/2014 02:36pm

DEVILS TRACK Nordic December 7th Sale

Devils Track Nordic December 7th Sale – All XC Cross-country ski gear is 25% off, as is all ski clothing - jackets, pants, vests, thermal wear, long underwear, socks and gloves too! If you're looking for wax or waxing supplies - save 25% on purchases over $125. New gear is 15% off. Hours: Sunday 11 am to 4 pm and Monday 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

PHONE: 387-3373
DATE: 12/07/2014 11:19am

It's at Joynes! The iBobber....The Castable Bobber with a built in Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder!

The iBobber is a castable Bobber with a Bluetooth Smart Fishfinder!  Syncs with your Smart Phone and Tablet.  App included.  A great gift idea!

*Sonar down to 135' Depth scale, Fish depth, 2 Fish Sizes
*Bluetooth & Waterbed contour mapping up to 100' away
*GPS Tags Hotspots Trip Log date, time, location, title, conditions, type of fishing, lure, # of fish caught/species, Map
*Lunar Calendar Weather (temp, rain, wind & barometer) Water Temp LED Beacon Fish & Strike Alarm
*Rechargeable Battery; up to 8 hrs on a charge Battery Status

CONTACT: Joynes Department Store and Ben Franklin
PHONE: 218-387-2233
DATE: 12/06/2014 09:28pm

Christmas at "The Garage"


Visit our Christmas Boutique in our back room and sales throughout the store. 

10% to 20% off various vendors items.

Many ideas for gifts for friends and family.

Sale on 2015 Calendars and Books by Nace Hagemann

Local Art, Photography and Pottery

Vintage and Hand Crafted Christmas Decorations

Nature Inspired Crafts by Numerous Artists

This is Just a Sample of The Many Items




PHONE: 387-1004
DATE: 12/06/2014 12:01pm

Grand Marais Art Colony Upcoming Classes

Join Anna Hess for one of her following classes this next month at the Art Colony!

Functional Glass Painting | Dec 12 - 13 | $75

Join Anna for an opportunity to turn plain glass into personal pieces of art. Students will learn to take old wine glasses and make them into conversation pieces or holiday gifts by painting images and blending colors. Anna will give instruction on how to make pieces permanent and dishwasher safe.

Pet Portraiture | Jan 8 | 5 Thursdays | $95

Pets can easily become much-loved members of the family. We are fascinated by their quirks, facial expressions, likes, and activities. Anna will instruct students in how to use photographs, live props, and drawings to capture the nuances of their favorite pet on canvas.

CONTACT: Grand Marais Art Colony
PHONE: 218-387-2737
DATE: 12/05/2014 04:22pm

Give the Gift of Clay!

Gift the Gift of Clay this winter and join us for one of our classes in the pottery studio:

Beginning Clay | January 15 - March 5 | Joan Farnam

Students with minimal clay experience as well as complete beginners will enjoy exploration of all things stoneware. Learn how to make bowls, mugs, vases and more while focusing on wheel-thrown, functional pottery. Students will also practice glazing techniques. This class includes 24-hour access to the clay studio during the session.

Skill Building: A Potter's Workplace | January 27 - March 17 | Joan Farnam

Hone your pottery skills by making tall cylinders, vases, plates, lidded forms (casseroles and jars) as well as altered forms. Students will learn to mix a glaze and be responsible for loading and firing a kiln. Joan will discuss a wide variety of techniques and introduce students to the teaching styles of world-famous potters. This class includes 24-hour access to the clay studio during the session.

Call the Art Colony to register: 218-387-2737


CONTACT: Grand Marais Art Colony
PHONE: 612-708-0634
DATE: 12/05/2014 04:03pm