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You are the Greatest!!

and I am not referring to Mohammed Ali, although he was pretty great! I mean YOU, the people who have supported ODDZ & ENDZ, have commiserated with us and helped us get past the Christmas Day Break in.  Your support has allowed us to recoup what was lost and to be able to better safeguard our building.  Thank you for reminding us that what we are doing is right.  EvaLyn, Barb, Arvis, Sharon, Sandi and all our wonderful volunteers.

CONTACT: EvaLyn Carlson
PHONE: 370-0615
DATE: 01/16/2017 04:02pm - Lutsen and Cook County Front Desk Personnel / Resorts / Clerks .....weekend scheduling announcement  -  Front Desk Personnel / Resorts / Clerks .....weekend scheduling announcement

* With increased demand suggests requests for late night / concert / bar
  shuttle scheduling by 2pm - 5pm  the day of.

pH 218 349 0219  ( calls only )
     307 248 8369  ( calls and texts )


taxi shuttle service

- Cook County
- Lutsen
- Grand Portage
- Duluth Airport / Bus Station and points in between
- Minnepolis / St  Paul Airport
- regional, statewide, nationwide service with base operations in Cook County Minnesota
  and Jackson Hole Wyoming

pH 218 349 0219  ( calls only )
     307 248 8369  ( calls and texts )


CONTACT: Timothy Anderson
PHONE: (218) 349-0219
DATE: 01/16/2017 02:33pm

Cascade Restaurant and Pub is OPEN! Every day!

With so many businesses being seasonal, we just wanted you to know that Cascade Restaurant is OPEN every single day for breakfast, lunch, Happy Hour, and dinner!

Come enjoy homemade food! Great prices too!

3719 W. Highway 61, Lutsen

Right between Lutsen and Grand Marais


CONTACT: Maureen O'Phelan
PHONE: 387-2911
DATE: 01/16/2017 12:20pm

Ain't it annoying...

...You have worked two weeks on your project.... it is almost done and you run out of stain.... you don't need a quart, or even a pint, just some.... well...come on in and see what we can have it. only need a smathering of yellow embroidery thread....  come and see what we have... are two patches short of a quilt....we have lots from which to choose... are three cards short of finishing your thank you cards...we have them... are two glasses short of a full set...we probably have something close...

...are three ants short of a picnic... oops, getting carried away... cross that off til' spring.

We are open on Monday...11-6;  Tues, Fri, and Sat. 10-4

Check out our face book ...

And think on this: Ageing seems to be the only available way to live a longer life. so each day like it's your day you wll get it right.  Enjoy!

CONTACT: EvaLyn Carlson
PHONE: 370-0615
DATE: 01/15/2017 09:12pm

January thaw?

nah!  Just because the sun is out doesn't mean we are warming up...but it is warm and cozy at O&E (relatively, if  you wear warm clothes).

Stop into the restaged North room...we have lots of new wall coverings (ie. pictures), some by local artists. 

  • Give your plants a new settings ... see the copper lined planter. It fits one big plant or several small ones...or magazines.
  • Find a book in the book shelf set aside for books either by Minnesota authors or Minnesota themes.....okay, there is a cook book or two there, too... kalla mojakka anyone?
  • Add to your plate collection.
  • Find a northshore ornament on the ugly Christmas tree... send to a friend (the ornament, not the tree...we are getting attached to it).
  • Looking for furniture?  We have that too.... a great hide a bed (not huge, just classy), end tables, coffee tables, chairs, divine divans.
  • PLUS A DEAL YOU CAN'T IGNORE!! We have a cap for a fisherman who can always say he comes home with a catch!!


The coffee is on....the staff is smiling (or laughing)...the welcome mat is  out.  Come in for a browse, for a buy or for a matter what we are happy to see you.

Mondays 11-6; Tues, Fri and Sat 10-4

Check out our facebook page. ps.  kalla mojakka is fish stew... great on a cold winter's night.   

CONTACT: EvaLyn Carlson
PHONE: 370-0615
DATE: 01/15/2017 12:06pm

Subway Winter Hours

Subway Winter Hours

Monday thru Friday             7 am to 8 pm

Saturday                            8 am to 3 pm

Sunday                              Closed

CONTACT: Robert Svadlenka
PHONE: 2183879279
DATE: 01/14/2017 09:15am

Devils Track Nordic Mid-Winter Sale

Devils Track Nordic Mid-Winter Sale – Cross-country ski packages are 20% off (skis, boots, bindings, poles) this weekend! Our older rental ski packages are 35% off! Super Savings on all past season's XC Cross-country ski clothing is 50% off - jackets, pants, vests, thermal wear, hats and long underwear! If you're looking for wax or waxing supplies - save 20% on purchases over $125. Also, our Toko gloves and split finger gloves, Bliz eyeware, Sockwell compression socks, Bula hats & microfiber neck tubes, and Craft jackets and ski pants have arrived; save 20% off of these items too. This weekends hours: Friday, January 13th from 3 - 6 pm; Saturday, January 14th, from 10 am to 4 pm; and this weekend only Closed Sunday and Monday.

Located at 922 Gunflint Trail, Grand Marais, MN 2 1/2 miles up from Grand Marais or about 1/3 up from Pincushion on the right.

PHONE: 387-3373
DATE: 01/13/2017 03:11pm

20 New Aprons at Gunflint Mercantile

20 brand new handmade aprons available at Gunflint Mercantile only!

Stop in and check out the great selection!

Open 10-5pm all weekend
(closed on Tues, Wed, and Thursdays)

CONTACT: Gunflint Mercantile
PHONE: 387-9228
DATE: 01/13/2017 11:22am

Subway Winter Hours

Subway Winter Hours

Monday thru Friday       7 am to 8 pm

Saturday                      8 am to 3 pm

Sunday                        Closed

CONTACT: Robert Svadlenka
PHONE: 2183879279
DATE: 01/13/2017 06:56am

HarborLand Cleaning Service

Offering residential and commercial cleaning, vacation rentals, long term rentals, and private home cleaning.   Please call (218) 370-9476 for information, rates, and scheduling.

CONTACT: HarborLand Cleaning
PHONE: (218) 370-9476
DATE: 01/11/2017 05:27pm

Kundalini Yoga is Back !

Kundalini Yoga is Back ! Starting next Thursday the 19th @ 5:30. Classes will be held at the historic 4H log building across from the community center. Visit for more details.

CONTACT: Brigette Nies
PHONE: 218-370-0150
DATE: 01/11/2017 04:42pm

Cattle Feed Lot For Sale

Cattle Feed Lot For Sale, Excellent Operation, Updated or New, New Apartments for the Employees.

Located in Dorchester, Wisconsin.  Asking $3,300,000.00

Call Thomas Kurschner   218-370-2019

CONTACT: Thomas Kurschner
PHONE: 218-370-2019
DATE: 01/11/2017 03:49pm


Franchise Hotel, 100 Rooms, Full Service, All Updated.

Located in Wisconsin. Asking $2,000,000.00

Call Thomas Kurschner   218-370-2019

CONTACT: Thomas Kurschner
PHONE: 218-370-2019
DATE: 01/11/2017 03:42pm

Co-op Film Series starts this month!

Winter is a great time to get cozy and watch films.  Join the Cook County Whole Foods Co-op this winter at the Grand Marais Arrowhead Center for the Arts for our film series! Plus... It's free for everyone! Find out more at our website!

A family Friendly Foodie Film  | Saturday, January 21 | 1PM | FREE ADMISSION! | 
at The Arrowhead Center for the Arts
A surprise family film! It’s a great tale of friendship and all about cultivating love for good food. For specifics, call, email, or stop by the Co-op to get the title.

QUEEN of the SUN | Saturday, February 25 | 7PM | FREE ADMISSION! | Rated G
QUEEN OF THE SUN takes us on a journey through the catastrophic disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive. This engaging and ultimately uplifting film weaves an unusual and dramatic story of the heartfelt struggles of beekeepers, scientists and philosophers from around the world, including Michael Pollan, Gunther Hauk and Vandana Shiva. Together they reveal both the problems and the solutions in renewing a culture in balance with nature.        

GROWING CITIES | Saturday, March 25 | 7PM | FREE ADMISSION! | Rated G
From rooftop farmers to backyard beekeepers, Americans are growing food like never before. GROWING CITIES tells the inspiring stories of these intrepid urban farmers, innovators, and everyday city-dwellers who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food. From those growing food in backyards to make ends meet to educators teaching kids to eat healthier, urban farmers are harvesting a whole lot more than simply good food.

PHONE: 2183872503
DATE: 01/11/2017 10:37am

Naniboujou Winter Hours!

The Naniboujou Dining room is open by reservation only for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings at 6:30pm, and breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:30am. Single seating; set menu. Please call for reservations!

CONTACT: Naniboujou Lodge and Restaurant
PHONE: 218-387-2688
DATE: 01/10/2017 03:41pm