Katie Cat needs a foster or adoptive home.

Katie is an 8 year old indoor cat.

She is declawed.

Likes dogs, but not sure about cats.

Katie has found herself in a state of confusion. Katie’s owner is an elderly lady who has recently moved to a care center and is unable to take her beloved cat with her. Katie is currently living with the lady’s daughter’s family which includes a sweet dog who you can see laying alongside Katie in the picture.

Katie’s new owners are going away for a couple of months the end of February until May, and Katie needs to find a foster home that will care for her until they return, or she can be adopted to a caring family. 

Katie would be a wonderful companion for an older person since she is declawed and super friendly.  Great opportunity for anyone to try out a pet and care for Katie while her family is gone.

 If you would like more information or to meet Katie, contact Gay 218-387-1781.

PHONE: 218-387-1781
DATE: 01/14/2017 10:26pm

Adorable Dog Up For Adoption This Weekend Only!

A friend of ours is staying at Cascade Lodge this weekend and bringing an adorable little dog that is up for adoption.  Her name is Mary and she is housetrained and she is a good dog according to her foster Mom, Staci.  You could see her on Saturday or Sunday this weekend by giving Staci a call at
(952) 457-1574

For detailed information and photos of this dog see:


Please don't call me, I don't know anything about the dog other than its a cutie!

CONTACT: Michael
PHONE: 218-370-9075
DATE: 01/10/2017 11:15am

Ordering turkeys for April delivery

I am placing an order for turkey poults (babies!) and need a minimum of 15 birds to do the order. There are many different varieties, from heritage to plain old broadbreasted birds on the Murray MacMurray website. If you want to go in on the order, check out the site, pick your turkey and let me know how many you want. I am looking at April delivery because for those looking to eat their birds, that gives them lots of type to bulk up, I just want two more pet Boubon Reds. I can also place electric fencing orders for people with Premier Fencing. There's is the absolute best and comes in affordable sizes that you can move around to mow grass or just give your birds ranging room while protecting them from predators.

Lastly, I can put together turkey brooder kits if you need them. Nothing fancy, but keeps them healthy and contained until they are ready for "the real world."

Warning: turkeys are amazing creatures and you might buy some to eat and then find yourself with a rather high maintainence, but utterly life-changing pet. Just sayin'......

CONTACT: Vicki Biggs-Anderson
PHONE: 387-1913
DATE: 01/03/2017 12:34pm

Dog found near 8th Avenue and 4th Street

Dog found near 8th Ave and 4th St. please call John at 218.370.1282 to claim.

CONTACT: Carrie Jansen
PHONE: 218.370.1025
DATE: 12/21/2016 11:42am

Lost Dog Husky Mix, last seen Croftville loop

Lost dog. Strawberry blonde husky mix with brown eyes. May be wearing a blue collar with a black retractable leash attached to it. Last seen near Croftville loop. Extremely shy. May or may not answer to the name of Shawnee. If you see her please call (218)370-1025.

PHONE: 218-370-1025
DATE: 12/20/2016 06:41pm

Lost Dog

Lost Dog, strawberry blonde husky mix last seen near Croftville. Extremely shy- may or may not answer to the name of Shawnee. If you see her please call 370-1025.

CONTACT: Carrie Jansen
PHONE: (218)370-1025
DATE: 12/19/2016 09:20am