Animal Chiropractor in Grand Marais this Weekend

Dr. Jason Dixon, animal chiropractor from Bemidji, MN will be seeing patients in Grand Marais this weekend. He specializes in horses and dogs. If you have an animal that needs care, he typically comes to your home and provides the treatment. He comes highly recommended throughout the state for his success in animal muscle/skeletal issues. Visit his website for more information. You can google Dr.jasondixonanimalchiropractor. To schedule an appointment call his office at (218)444-8540. His costs are reasonable and he has worked miracles. He will be here Saturday and Sunday. If your animal is suffering or in pain please schedule an appointment.

CONTACT: Cathy Quinn
PHONE: 218-444-8540
DATE: 07/23/2015 10:47am

Missing Cat

Me and my dog are missing our cat !!!!!!

He is an orange tabby with a fluffy tail and is neutered and goes by the name of Snickers. 

He has last been seen on Old Ski Hill Rd & Cutoff Rd in the last week but has been missing for couple months.

if you where he is or have seen him also, please call Cayden Zimmer at 387-9722

CONTACT: Cayden Zimmer
PHONE: 387-9722
DATE: 07/20/2015 09:36pm

Need help with Baby Merganzer.. Feeding and care

Just got an orphaned baby Merganzer and we are trying to get it to eat.. I understand aquatic insects are the main diet.. Anyone have any experience with doing this?? I think brine shrimp are a good idea but I don't have any idea of where to obtain those locally?  Help if you have any ideas or more importantly experience with this.  


DATE: 07/16/2015 06:49am

Missing White Lab Pup

Posting on Charle's behalf...

Missing 5 month old white lab.  Last seen near the County Road 7 and Fall River Road at 11 pm last night.  If found please call Charles at 715-791-8440

CONTACT: Charles Conroy
PHONE: 715-791-8440
DATE: 07/08/2015 10:56am