Lost dogs- two Wirehair Griffons on east end

Our two dogs ran off this morning- might show up on highway between the east cty rd 14 and Judge Magney. Please call 218-370-9471 or 218-387-9185 or bring to 28 Casper Hill!!! If you see them .

They are brown and white wire hairs and one has three legs. Their names are Ike and Zeus. They are very friendly!!!! Thank you

worried parents,

Anna and Scott

CONTACT: Anna sorensen
PHONE: 218-370-9471
DATE: 10/20/2016 12:44pm

Large Siamese colored cat in Creechville

We had a large Siamese colored cat come to our door this evening if anyone is missing theirs.  It had Ely vet tags and a bell.

CONTACT: Beth Ferry
PHONE: 218370-1707
DATE: 10/18/2016 09:19pm

Found at Cooperation Station

This cat was found last night at Cooperation Station. Very friendly. Appears to be young and healthy. Has 6 toes on front paws. If this is your cat or you know who's it might be, please call Amber at 475-2115. Amber is fostering it. Thank you.

PHONE: 475-2115
DATE: 10/06/2016 08:04pm


found tan large male dog with back top on coat. Looks like a Lab/Shepard/Beagle mix. Very friendly! Blue collar with no name or address. Found by the Coop.


Please call if he is yours!!



CONTACT: Anna Sorensen
PHONE: 218-370-9471
DATE: 09/25/2016 03:59pm