Healthy Household Cleaning Class

Tuesday night at 6pm, join us Cook County Whole Foods Co-op for Healthy Household Cleaning!
With Kim Falter

Cleaning the house, although not very fun, does not have to be toxic or expensive. Come in and enjoy a night making non-toxic household cleaning products using everyday products and essential oils. 

Just $5 for everyone! Sign up at the info desk in the store, call 218-387-2503, or email

CONTACT: Kim Falter
PHONE: 2183872503
DATE: 05/23/2016 12:42pm

Pet and House Sitter Available

Headed out of town for a bit?  Looking for someone to take care or your beloved pet or home?  Experienced pet sitter available.  

CONTACT: Becky Fitzpatrick
DATE: 05/22/2016 08:05pm