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Trail Clearing in Progress

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Lots of activity went on this summer to include a new Bridge, Trail clearing, Trail Brushing and widening,Culvert Repair and more. The Trails Have Been Cleared,The Groomer is set to Go, Now we wait for December 1st. and all the snow! Thanks to all for your hard work to prepare for this upcomming season. All Trails are Provided thru a cooperative effort of member participation, Private Land owners, The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, The USDA Forestry, And IRRRB. Without this effort our sport would not exist. Thank You!

New Jonvick Creek Bridge

Jonvick Creek Bridge
Current Trail Conditions: 

This fall Lutsen Trail Breakers and area contractors replaced the bridge on Jonvick Creek.  Prep work began August 13, demolition on August 30, materials to landing and site started September 1, construction on September 6, and completion September 16.  The main crew consisted on Scott Platzer, David Hansen, Larry McNeally, Bob Berlute with contractors and technical support from Willow River Woodworks, Mike Rose Excavating,  Greg Vetter,  Terry Olson [experienced bridge builder for Tofte Ranger Station, retired], and Tom Dwyer of Isak Hansen True Value for ordering materials. Other helpers included Louise Abelon and Sharon Hexum-Platzer. 
With some blood, much sweat, loss of sleep [Scott tends to build things during sleep!], two bee/wasp stings to the face, and copious muddy trail to the site, the project was carried off with hard work and funding from the Lutsen Township and a grant from IRRRB.  

With deep appreciation to all,
Sharon Hexum-Platzer
Lutsen Trail Breakers Vice President