Gunflint Trails

Trails are GREAT!!

Recent Snowfall: 
6 - 8 inches
Recent Grooming: 
Current Trail Conditions: 

The Gunflint Snowmobile Trails are all in great shape!! Recent snow and regular grooming has them the best this year. Grooming is in progress today on the mid-trail system with the remaininig trails being groomed regularly on Monday and Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday nights. Beginning this weekend we will be grooming Saturday night on the Gunflint and Expressway snowmobile trails. Snow base on the trails vary from 20 - 30 inches. Call for recorded reports 218-387-9392. Follow us on facebook at cook county snowmobile club ridge riders. Call Dan at 218-370-0645

The Fun Run was a great success last weekend with 156 participants in the poker ride.The newly finished Groomer Shack seemed to handle the crowd well. Raffles, food and dancing were all an added bonus. Thanks to all who supported the club and came out for our fund raising event. Many thanks to the Fun Run Ladies, Andrea, Sam and Jill who all did a great job.

Come on up to Hungry Jack Lodge Saturday Feb. 20th for the snowmobile drag races starting around 11am. Forrest and the gang will have plenty of room for everyone to warm up inside the lodge and food will be available all day. Racing is open to everyone with kids having a parent there to sign a waiver. Get that sled hopped up and join the racing fun or just come out to watch the action.

Bring your vintage sled for display to the drag races at Hungry Jack Lodge Saturday Feb. 20th. Prizes to be awarded!!

Stay tuned for the season ending fishing contest Sunday March 6th. Location TBD due to ice conditions and reports between now and then.

Trails and Grooming Back to Normal

Recent Snowfall: 
2 - 4 and more this weekend
Recent Grooming: 
last night and today
Current Trail Conditions: 

It has taken more than 6 weeks to get the trails open and grooming to resume regular routes. DNR workers from Two Harbors spent several days helping cut trees and brush on the Gunflint Snowmobile Trails. They have never seen such downfall in all their years is what they told the Cook County Snowmobile Club. WELL...that is past us and the trails are really shaping up for great riding this weekend.

The groomers are out if force and can concentrate on grooming trails as the snow is starting to build up. Recent snowfalls are helping fill the trails as three groomers were working this week to catch up. All the trails got groomed with some getting several passes over them. One groomer has been to the end of the Gunflint Trail some 58 miles from town. The other two worked Mid-Trail, the Expressway and Gunflint Trail. Bleuberry and Swamper are starting to shape up pretty well too.

The Groomer has not crossed Devil Track Lake as the last snowfall showed a lot of stress to the ice and slush has appeared on many area lakes. Colder weather and time should help to freeze that up.

Come out and join the fund raising Fun Run Poker Ride this weekend (Feb. 6th). Sign up at Hungry Jack Lodge or the Clubhouse which is a short ride away (parking at the old airport) on the Merridian Road. Follow signs or the second left off the South Shore Drive. Ride across Devil Track Lake, cross South Shore Drive and then in another mile take a right off the trail. Clubhouse is half mile on the left. $20 entry fee. Ride or drive to Gunflint Pines, Gunflint Lodge, Windigo, Trail Center, Hungry Jack Lodge and the Clubhouse for a card. Be back to the Clubhouse by 5:30. Cash prizes, games, food, BYOB and a dance will follow. Come see the new Snowmobile Clubhouse on the Merridian Road off the South Shore Drive.

Vintage snowmobile display at each event this year. Bring a sled, show it off and maybe win a prize!!


Trails in good shape

Recent Snowfall: 
2-4" with 3-5 more in progress
Recent Grooming: 
Regular grooming back on schedule
Current Trail Conditions: 

The Operation Snowfall cleanup in nearly done as of today. The Blueberry Trail is gettiong a little touch up and all the trails are back to normal. Most trails are wider after the clean up than prior to the storm. which will make for safer trail riding.

The snow cover is slowly getting better as we keep getting a couple inches here and a couple more inches again. Most trails on the Gunflint are looking at a good 8 - 10" base in most areas at this time. There is plenty of snow covering the trails for a good ride but we can use more which appears to be on the way.

There will be regular grooming this week starting last Monday and coming into this weekend. The usual grooming is heavy Thursday thru Friday and into Friday night. There may be some additional grooming during the upcoming weekends due to anticipated heavy traffic so be looking for the  groomers as you ride the trails at all times. (day or  night)

Remember to watch for the dog teams running the Beargrease Race late this weekend an early next week. More reports as times and teams get closer.

Also, the following weekend on February 6th we have the annual Fun Run Poker Ride. Sign up at the Groomer Shack or Hungry Jack Lodge that morning. Hit all the designated stop and return to the Groomer Shack by 5:30. Prizes, games, food and music will last into the evening. Parking is going to be available but ride over if you can form the old airport parking lot near the old Landing Restauant. Look for details on our facebook page CookCountySnowmobileClub-RidgeRiders. Bring a vintage sled to display out front of the Groomer Shack on Saturday.

Weekly updated trail reports can be heard at 218-387-9392. Ride safe and keep the skiis in front of you!!

Trails Improving

Recent Snowfall: 
2-4 inches and a littel more on the way
Recent Grooming: 
Monday on the Gunflint Trail
Current Trail Conditions: 

The Gunflint snowmobile trails continue to improve. Clearing will resume Tuesday on the Blueberry Trail after temperatures have come above -10. The trail should be completed this week as we work from both ends to meet in the middle. The last stretch of the upper Gunflint trail beyond Gunflint Lake is the last piece that will need attention as conditions permit.

Grooming was done over the weekend on most of the trails as conditions allow. There are a few bumpy spots due to lack of snow on all the trails with the Expressway Trail being is the best condition. The Swamper Trail was groomed but is not recommended for trail riding at this point. There are many rough and rocky portions that need more snow. The groomer came down the Gunflint Snowmobile Trail Monday morning to round out the loop. Grooming will start again later in the week for the upcoming weekend traffic. The State snowmobile trail is getting good reports from many riders. Expect 8 - 10 inch base and less as you near Lake Superior.

Ice conditions are greatly imrpoving with 8 - 10 inches of ice on the lakes that the trails cross. There may still be ice and water spots on the trails from the creeks and streams so use caution in those areas. There have been fewer reports of slush on all the lakes this week.

The Fun Run Girls are gearing up for the Annual Fun Run poker ride February 6th. Watch for posters, details and postings later this week and as the dates nears. Bring your vintage snowmobile for display at each of the clubs events this year as many have shown interest to have the oppurtunity. Follow us on facebook at Cook County Snowmobile Club-Ridge Riders. Also new is a trail report updated late in the week at 218-387-9392.

Ride safe, watch out for hazards on the trail and please report anything that needs immediate attention. Call Dan Anderson 218-370-0645



Grooming Begins

Recent Snowfall: 
Trace W/more on the way
Recent Grooming: 
Starting Today
Current Trail Conditions: 

Trail work is coming to an end. All trails are cleared and  should see the groomer this weekend except the Blueberry trail going to Grand Portage. That trail will begin to be cleared Friday and should be done and groomed by next weekend. The groomer is heading up the Gunflint Trail today and is attempting to go to the end of the trial or at least to Gunflint Lake today, tonight and into tomorrow. We are going to try to groom all the trails late this week and into the weekend.

Most of the wet spots, creeks and lakes are freezing up nicely now with the exception of the bigger lakes like Gunflint, Greenwood and Sag. They could still have thin ice so we are  advising "NO TRAVEL" on those lakes.

Snow pack is thin in areas with a 4-6 inch base on most trails. More snow is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.

Watch for the upcoming fund raising "Fun Run" poker ride on February 6th. Lots of cash and prizes to be given away. More details will be coming soon. End of the ride party will be held at the "Groomer Shack" with food, beverages and dancing just off the South Shore Drive of Devil Track Lake.

Ride safe, watch out for others and we look forward to getting underway with the snowmobile season here in Cook County!!



Trail work and grooming

Recent Snowfall: 
Recent Grooming: 
Friday and Saturday last weekend
Current Trail Conditions: 

Trail work continues on the Swamper Trail and  the upper Gunflint Trail beyond Co. #92. Both are passable on snowmobile but have yet to be groomed due to inability of the groomer to get through. The Swamper Trial should be finished this week. There are a couple water areas not yet froze enough to hold the weight of the groomer on the upper portion of the Gunflint. Work should begin on the Blueberry Trail going to the Grand Portage Trails later this week. The trail has been cut so a snowmobile can get through but it is not pretty by any means.

Grooming will start again late in the week for the weekend traffic. There is not enough snow yet to cover the terrain very well. What is there has pressed into 4-6 inches of base and is hard on the drag going over the rock. We need more snow for trail conditions to improve.

The Expressway and Gunflint Trails are complete and groomed when possible to Mid-trail or a little beyond.

We want to thank those who were able to come out and help on the trails when we had scheduled crews. If you were not able to help and wanted to, we appreciate your efforts. In all honesty, the trails are beyond man-power in so many areas that we had to use machinery to do the bulk of the work.

Lakes are starting to freeze well enough for the snowmobiles to use. There will be slush on many area lakes as the ice was thin ansa the snow we got was heavy.

Remember the FUN RUN is Saturday February 6th. Watch for details and the party will end at the Snowmobile Clubhouse this year which is on the Merridian Road off the South Shore Drive of Devil Track Lake.

Follow us on facebook and call with questions 218-370-0645 Dan Anderson