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CC Invasives - Aquatic Invasive Species

Cook County Invasives Team Community Discussion Forum

This discussion forum is part of a public outreach campaign by the Cook
County Invasives Team aimed at raising awareness about invasive species and
means of combating them. There will be six discussion forums focusing on
different aspects of invasive species prevention and control (invasive
terrestrial plants, native plants and restoration techniques, gypsy moth,

The forum is open to anyone who wishes to participate; however, you must
register as a Boreal Access user to post questions and comments. We ask that
your comments remain respectful of the views of others and that you refrain
from destructive and accusatory language.

The topic of today's forum is aquatic invasive species. Aquatic invasive
species include plants and animals that spend most or all of their lives in
the water. Aquatic invasive species can easily cling to boats, docks, fishing
equipment and more to spread from one lake to another. Whether you are a
boater, angler or swimmer, you may be unknowingly transporting aquatic pests.
Aquatic invasive species can:
- Reduce fish populations
- Ruin boating equipment
- Make lakes and rivers unusable by boaters and swimmers
- Degrade ecosystems
- Affect human health

This project was funded in part by the Coastal Zone Management Act by NOAA's
Office for Coastal Management in cooperation with the DNR ]Minnesota's Lake