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CC Invasives - Aquatic Invasive Species

Cook County Invasives Team Discussion Forum

This discussion forum is part of a public education campaign by the Cook
County Invasives Team aimed at raising awareness about invasive species and
means of combating them. The forum is open to anyone who wishes to
participate; however, you must register as a Boreal Access user to post
questions and comments. We ask that your comments remain respectful of the
views of others and that you refrain from destructive and accusatory language.

The topic of today's forum is plant community restoration and invasive plant
control. Do you have invasive plant species on your property? Have you taken
any steps to control them? Post questions and comments below.

This project was funded in part by the Coastal Zone Management Act by NOAA’s
Office for Coastal Management in cooperation with the DNR – Minnesota’s Lake
Superior Coastal Program.