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Info about the Central Gunflint Ski Trail System of Minnesota
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2.24.2015 Ample snow, now we need some warmer temps

Tue, 02/24/2015 - 4:09pm

We continue to add more snow almost daily to our winter accumulation. Bearskin did a bit of grooming today so that some groups of guests visiting from California would have fresh trails, but the grooming was short-lived. We are experiencing unusually high wind conditions, so snow blew back over the trails ridiculously soon.  We’ll get out to groom it all again when the wind calms down.  All afternoon we’ve been watching birds blow out of the trees  — it’s that kind of day here.

This February will not win any accolades for “mild” weather (January might have), but the upcoming weekend looks promising. We certainly have the snow!

Some recent measuring statistics from the Baumanns:

New Snow Last 24 hours: 2.25”
New Snow Last 7 days: 4.30”
Trail Base, Staked: 12.5” -13” average
Snow in Woods, Staked: Average 22” / High 24”
Groomed with classic tracks: 70 K
Groomed for skating: 53.4 K
Surface Conditions: Packed Powder
Last grooming day: 2-21-15
Snowshoe trails: Open
Total snowfall since Nov. 1: 69.88”

Comments: All ski trails continue to be in great shape with fresh snow falling every couple of days. We are expecting colder weather mid-week this week with highs around 0 degrees through Thursday evening, warming by Friday… the moderate weekend temperatures should make for a very enjoyable time on the trails. Today, we are experiencing a lot of blowing snow; expect freshly groomed trails tomorrow, February 25th.

Snow Totals

November Total 2014 – 14.25 inches

Dec 1 – Dec 7: 1.75 inches
Dec 8 – Dec 14: 8.75 inches
Dec 15 – Dec 21: 11.0 inches
Dec 22 – Dec 28: 3.5 inches
Dec 29 – Dec 31: 0 inches
December Total 2014 – 25.00 inches

Jan 1 – Jan 4: 7.0 inches
Jan 5 – Jan 11: 1.0 inches
Jan 12 – Jan 18: 2.55 inches
Jan 19 – Jan 25: 2.25 inches
Jan 26 – Jan 31: 4.5 inches
January Total 2015 – 17.30 inches

Feb 1 – Feb 8: 3.88 inches
Feb 9 – Feb 15: 4.90 inches
Feb 16 – Feb 22: 2.30 inches
Feb 24: 2.25 inches
February Total 2015 – 13.33 inches

Total Snowfall 2014-2015 – 69.88 inches

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2.11.2015 It just keeps snowing…

Wed, 02/11/2015 - 11:27am

Beaver Dam trail on 2/10/15. Photo by Karen Reynolds.

We’re in that standard mid-winter pattern now: snow, groom, snow some more, groom some more.  No rain, no ice, no warming temps,  no melting, just day-in and day-out of more snow.  The pine boughs have stayed coated in snow, so every day we are in a living Christmas card picture.

The following measurements from the Baumann family were taken yesterday, but of course it snowed again last night, as much as 6 inches in some spots.  The groomers are all out on the trails again today and it seems to be taking awhile this time — lots of fresh snow!

Central Gunflint Ski Trail Conditions on 2-10-15

New Snow Last 24 hours:  0”

New Snow Last 7 days:  3.88”

Trail Base, Staked:  10” – 12.5” average

Snow in Woods, Staked:  Low 19”   High 22”

Groomed with classic tracks:  70 K

Groomed for skating:  53.4 K

Surface Conditions:  Fresh Packed Powder

Last grooming day:  2-8-15

Snowshoe trails:  Open

Total snowfall since Nov. 1:  60.43”

Comments:  Ski trails are in excellent shape! Our trail base is now averaging between 10” and 12.5” thick; nice and solid too. We added nearly 4 inches of snow over the past weekend and more is forecasted for today. Winter is in full swing on the Gunflint!

Please contact Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170) or Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203) for specific conditions and grooming information on each trail or route. Central Gunflint Ski Pass required.

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