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This last weekend some of us celebrated Easter in Grand Marais. If you are of a Christian faith, it is a day of rebirth, resurrection and transformation. For those of you who are not Christian, spring still brings us the themes rebirth, resurrection and transformation. in a more secular sense.

The weather in the northland is echoing this sentiment of transformation, as it is changing daily. On Saturday we had near white-out conditions and on Sunday it was in the 50’s. Today it is overcast and by Friday they are predicting snow again. As the old Minnesota adage goes: if you don’t like the weather, just wait around for ten minutes and it will change.

You can see this spirit of change at Stone Harbor as well. This week we are starting to receive those spring and summer shipments we have all been waiting for. Skis and snowshoes have either been sold or moved to the warehouse for the summer. When you enter the store you see the kayaks and SUPs on display. Spring and summer clothing is starting to peek out at us. Camping has been moved to the second floor mezzanine where we feel we can better show you what we have. Footwear is back downstairs where it started five summers ago. Needless to say, our staff is working hard but are very excited for the new season.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures taken over the last few days in Cook County. In other parts of the state there have been days when people are wearing shorts. Up here? Not so much. Chris has caught a couple of Steelhead but the Steelhead have stopped again because as the snow melt is getting faster, the lake temperature is lowering. As you can see from the shots of the Kadunce she enters the Big Lake, there is still lots of ice and the real run-off has not started. Then there is the picture of the upper Kadunce off of Trout Lake Road. You do not want to take that road without four-wheel drive. And what about the Brule? That picture is just up from where the North and South Arms join. And then Blueberry Road the runs parallel to the Brule. Not sure I would take that, even with four-wheel drive.

We will keep you updated on all of this, so keep checking back.


The Upper Kadunce as it flows into Lake Superior on Easter Sunday. That’s an ice bridge over the river but watch out–it gives a fall sense of security–the river is very active underneath.

The Upper Kadunce off Trout Lake Road. The snow is cleverly disguising the river but it should be much more visible in a few days. Or not, depending on the weather.

Trout Lake Road was pretty clear on Easter Sunday. Not all of the roads are looking this good yet.

There is a road underneath all of that snow. This one is the Forest Service Road going into
Kimball Lake Campground on Easter Sunday, although there are plenty of roads
that look just like it here in Cook County.

The North Arm of the Brule River off of Greenwood Road. The river runs along Blueberry Road, which gets jammed up with water due to a beaver damn. No way was I going to try to drive that road.

Here is another shot of the Brule River on Easter Sunday. Spring thaw pictures are so dramatically beautiful that they make all of us look like championship photographers.

What a difference in just two days! Here is the Kadunce taken yesterday. I can only guess what it will be like in two more days (and I would probably be wrong).

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