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How to use the 800 Number

How to dial into the Internet using Boreal's toll-free number
11/12/03 - Boreal's toll-free service has changed. The company that Boreal contracted with for the toll-free service is no longer available; therefore we have had to contract with a different company to continue to provide this service.

  • How do I use the toll-free service?
    Boreal Access has a 1-800 number that members can use to dial up while traveling. Here's how:
    • If you haven't done so already, contact the Boreal office at 387-9471 to receive a personal pin#. You'll need this pin# to use the 800 service. (Please - only ask for a pin# if you're planning to use the toll-free service.)
    • Change the phone number from 387-9555 to 1-800-355-3721,,,,,[your pin#]. (That's 5 commas!) For example, if your pin# is 21838700001234, change the phone number to 1-800-355-3721,,,,,21838700001234
    • Now just connect as you normally do.
    The 'basic' and 'extended' dialup plans include 30 minutes of 800 service at no charge. For each additional minute after the first half hour you will be billed $.18 a minute. The 'mini' dialup plan includes no free 800 service. All time on the 'mini' plan will be billed at a rate of $.18 a minute.

    Please don't forget to change the phone number back to 387-9555 when you return home.

  • I've followed the instructions above but it won't connect! What's wrong?
    • First, try dialing the 800 number from a regular phone. When the operator comes on, dial your pin number. Does it connect this way? If not, please contact the Boreal office and let us know what the operator said when you tried to connect. We may need to contact our provider and verify that your pin# has been set up correctly.
    • If calling from a normal phone works, try adding a few extra commas between the phone number and your pin number.
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