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Multiple Email Addresses

How to set up multiple email addresses on your computer
So you have your email set up, but now someone else wants to your computer to for their email, too. Here's how you set it up:

(NOTE: Once your email is set up, the easiest way to check it is to send a message to yourself. Wait a few seconds and then check your mail. If you have configured everything correctly the message will come right back to you.)

  • In Netscape:
    • For Communicator - Version 4.0 thru 4.76:
      • Click the [Start] button, then click [Programs] or [All Programs], [Netscape Communicator], [Utilities], and [Profile Manager].
      • Click the [New] button. Click [Next] on the window that appears.
      • On this screen enter the following information:
        Full name:     (Email user's name)
        Email address: (Email addres you're setting up)
        Click Next.

      • On the next screen enter anything you want under the profile name. Leave the other field as is, and click Next.
      • Enter for the outgoing mail server and click next.
      • On the next screen enter the following information:
        Username:             everything before the @ in the email address
        Incoming Mail Server:
        Click next.

      • Under [News (NNTP) server] enter Then click Finish.
      • You're done! Next time you run Netscape Messenger, a window will appear asking you to select a profile. Choose the profile for the email address whose mail you want to receive.

    • For Netscape Mail - Version 6 and higher:
      • Click the [Start] button, [Programs] or [All Programs], [Netscape x] (where x=your version - ex. Netscape 6), and then click [Profile Manager].
      • Click [Create Profile...], [Next].
      • Enter a name for the profile. It can be anything you want. Then click [Finish].
      • You'll go back to the Profile Manager. Select the Profile you just made in the [Available Profiles..] list and click [Start Netscape...].
      • If you get a window asking you for a screen name, click [Cancel] and click [Yes] on the warning message that pops up.
      • Open Netscape Mail. The Account Wizard should automatically start. If it doesn't:
        • Click the [Edit] menu, then click [Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings...]
        • Click on [Add Account] on the lower left part of the screen.
      • Select [Email Account] from the menu. Click Next.
      • Enter the following information:
        Your Name:     (Name of the person who will be using the email)
        Email Address: (Email address this account is for)
        Click Next.

      • Select [POP] as the type of incoming server and enter the following information below:
        Incoming Server:
        Outgoing Server:
        Click Next.

      • Enter your username. This is everything before the @ in the email address. Click Next.
      • Enter anything you want as the Account Name. Click Next.
      • Click Finish. You're done! Next time you run Netscape, the Profile Manager will appear and you'll need to select a profile. Select the profile for the email address you want to check and click [Start Netscape...]

  • For Outlook Express:
    • Start Outlook Express. Then click on the [File] menu, [Identities], and [Add New Identity].
    • Type in a name for the Identity. This can be anything you want. (Optional: If you want to require a password to read/receive your email, then check the "Require a Password" box, enter a password in the new window that pops up, and click OK.) Click OK.
    • Next a message will pop up asking if you wish to switch to the new Identity now. Select [Yes].
    • Outlook Express will close and re-open, and the Internet Connection wizard will appear. Click "Create a new Internet Email Account" and click [Yes].
    • Type your name in the Display Name box. Click the Next button.
    • Click "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use." Type your email address in the E-mail address box. Click the Next button.
    • Supply the following information:
      My incoming mail is a:                      POP3
      Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server:
      Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:      
      Click the Next button.

    • Supply the following information:
      Account name:   (everything before in your email address)
      Password:       (your email password)
      Make sure the Remember Password box is checked - this way you won't have to re-type your password every time you check your email. Click the Next button, and click Finish.

    • You're done! To check this email address, when you're in Outlook Express click the [File] menu, [Switch Identity]. Click on the identity for the email you want to read, or click [Main Identity] for the main email address, and click [OK].

  • For Eudora:
    • First, find out where your Eudora folder is stored. To do this:
      • Right-click the Eudora icon on your desktop. On the menu that appears, click [Properties].
      • A properties window will open. Look in the [Target:] field. It will show you the path to your Eudora folder - usually something like c:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\Eudora.exe. Note this path and click [Cancel].
    • Next, browse to this folder. To do this:
      • Double-click the [My Computer] icon on your desktop. For Windows XP, click [Start], [My Computer].
      • Double-click the drive indicated before the : in the path to your Eudora folder - usually this is C, or Local Disk (c:).
      • Double-click the first folder name in the path - the first name between \\'s. Ex. if the path was c:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora... double-click "Program Files".
      • Double-click the next folder name in the path. Keep doing this until you're in the Eudora folder. Don't double-click Eudora.exe.
    • Click the [File] menu, click [New], [Folder]. A new folder will appear, probably named something like "New Folder". Right-click this folder name, click [Rename] to rename it, and type any name you want. The name should be one word, such as your login name. This will rename the folder. Close this window.
    • Right-click the Eudora icon on your desktop, and click [Copy] from the menu that appears. Then right-click an open area of your desktop and click [Paste] from the menu that appears. This will create a copy of your Eudora icon.
    • Right-click the new Eudora icon and click [Properties] on the menu that appears.
    • Add a "\" and the new folder name to the end of the information in [Start In]. For example, if you named your folder "test" and [Start In] reads "C:\Eudora", change it to "C:\Eudora\test".
    • Look in the [Target] field. If there are 2 paths in that field (ex. "C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora\Eudora.exe C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora", add the folder name to the end of the second path so it looks like the [Start In] field. If there's only one path in the [Target] field, type in a space after that path and then copy the whole path from the [Start In] field.
    • Click OK. Now double-click the second Eudora icon, and set up your new email address according to the instructions here.
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