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FTP and your Personal Web Page

How to setup and use WS_FTP for Uploading Personal Websites
  • How do I setup and use WS_FTP?
    • First, insert the Boreal Access Setup CD into your computer. You may need to run the installation program. If it asks for an ISP Access code, click Cancel - you don't need it to install WS-FTP.
    • If you're at a menu screen, click [Install Additional Internet Programs].
    • Click to highlight WS-FTP and then click install. (Please note - newer CDs may not include WS-FTP. In this case, you can download the software from
    • During the install when you are asked who you are pick "other" then click on next.
    • When you are asked "How will you use WS_FTP LE" check "at home" under location.
    • When you are asked for what purpose you will be using WS_FTP check "for personal use".
    • Read and accept the licensing agreement.
    • You will be asked to choose the destination directory; the default is ok. Click on ok.
    • You wil be asked to please enter your preferred local destination directory for file transfers; the default is ok. Click ok.
    • The next screen will say "many anonymous FTP sites require your email address as your password"; Please enter your full email address, then click ok.
    • When it asks "please enter the name of the Program Manager Group for this software," pick WS_FTP, Click ok.
    • The program should come back now and say “Installation Complete Happy FTPing”, Click ok.

  • How to properly configure WS_FTP so you can upload files to your personal website.
    • Click on the WS_FTP icon. A session properties window will pop up. If this the first time using WS_FTP you will need to click on the NEW button.
    • Under the General Tab you will need to fill out the following information:
      • Profile Name - This is your userid (the same as your dial up name).
      • Host Name/Address - Enter either OR
      • User id- Dial up Name.
      • Password-For your dial up account.
      • Leave Anonymous unchecked for this application.
      • Check save password if you want WS_FTP to remember your password.
    • Next click on the Apply button then on the OK button and this will connect to the Boreal Access FTP site.

      You should get a split screen, on the left side; you will see your local directory. On the right side you will see your remote directory, which should be /home1/user/username

    • In order to upload files to your own personal web page you must make a directory on the remote system called htdocs, where you will store your web page files.

      • To make the htdocs directory
        • Click on the MKDIR button and a box will pop up asking for the new remote directory name. Type in htdocs and hit ok.
      • To upload a file to the htdocs directory
        • You must first open the folder htdocs. Do this by double-clicking on the folder name.
        • Pick an html file from your local directory. (You can see more of your files by double-clicking on the green up arrow at the top of the local system directory.)
        • Double-click on the folder where the document you want to publish to your website is, then click on the file you want to upload and highlight it. Then click on the right arrow. This will send the file to the remote directory.
        • From here you can view this file by going to your website, which will be

    • Your home page file - the one you want people to see first when they go to your website - must be called index.html or index.htm and must be stored in the htdocs directory.

That is all there is to it.
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