Cook County Community Calendar
Cook County Board of Commissioner meeting
Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Cook County Community Calendar

                                                                   A G E N D A


                                  COOK COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS





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8:30 a.m.         1.         Call meeting to order

                                    Pledge of Allegiance

                                    Make adjustment to agenda


2.         PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: Opportunity for citizens to appear before the County Board.


8:35 a.m.         3.         David Betts, County Engineer

                                    A.  Special Event Permit – Christmas Parade


                                    B.  Maintenance Worker II hire


                                    C.  Awarding of Winter bids for SGSD Roads


                                    D.  Revision of Capital Purchase


9:10 a.m.         4.         Tim Nelson, Planning & Zoning Director

                                    A.  Planning & Zoning Secretary hiring request


9:15 a.m.         5.         Bill Lane, Planning & Zoning Administrator

                                    A.  Meyers IUP


                                    B.  Wagman IUP


9:25 a.m.         6.         WTIP, Deb Benedict

                                    A.  Request for confirmation of tower space


9:35 a.m.         7.         Braidy Powers, Auditor-Treasurer

                                    A.  Claims


9:40  a.m.        8.         Correspondence – Memos:

                                    A.  Cook County Higher Education 10/21/13 Agenda & Reports.                                                    Information.


                                    B.  Communications/911 committee minutes, 9/9/13. Information.


                                    C.  ORB Management - YMCA update.  Information.


                                    D.  NERCC Renovation and Improvement Project.  Motion/Resolution


9:45 a.m.                     B  R  E  A  K


10:00 a.m.       9.         PUBLIC HEARING – D.E.E.D. Small Cities Development Program


10:10 a.m.       10.       Employee Concerns

                                    Commissioner Concerns

  1. South Fowl update


  1.  Staffing Analysis


  1. Other meeting updates


  1. Meetings to note


  1. County Administrator Contract


  1. WTIP interview 10/23/13 – Commissioner Gamble


10:30 a.m.       11.       David Dill, Representative & Thomas Bakk, Senator

                                    A.  Mutual Concerns


A  D  J  O  U  R  N


*  *  *  *


NOTE:  There are three upcoming events that the Commissioners have been invited to.

1) On 10/22/13 at 11:30 a.m. at the Cook County Higher Education, a Business Networking Luncheon with Sen. Bakk and Rep. Dill.

2) On 10/22/13 at 2:30 p.m. at the Superior National Clubhouse a Celebration of the start of construction for renovation of Superior Nation Golf Course.

3) On 10/22/13 at 3:30 p.m. there is a groundbreaking ceremony for the Pipeline at the site of the golf course pump house, near Lutsen Resort.

These are not formal Cook County Board of Commissioner’s meetings. However a quorum of Cook County Commissioners may be in attendance.  No action will be taken at any of these events.                  

Cook County Courthouse Commissioner's Room

Julie Berglund

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