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Saturday, Aug 31, 2013 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Shoot from the Hipsters: Don Bauer, Musa Abdel-Rahman, Chris Gillis, John Gruber, and Liz Sivertson fly by the seat of their pants in a musical debut....or at least a once in a lifetime combo.  Don Bauer, with his well loved gun-slinging guitar virtuosity, also brings to stage the slappenist bass you will ever hear in the region.  Musa Abdel-Rahman is the real pistol on congas. He sincopates, funkifies, and serves up Latin hot on the plate, and sizzlin'. Chris Gillis, the king of groove, is packing percussion, piano, trumpet, and Pure Gillis Wit, which we all know means it's gonna pop, dazzle, and make you smile.  John Gruber is all guns: golden vocals, groovey guitar, and grounded bass.  Liz Sivertson is haulin' sax, wielding clarinet, and once and for all, she means business.  There will be a bucket at the door and a suggestion of $10 donation for adults.  Kids get in free if they promise to clap wildly between songs.

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