Cook County Community Calendar
Cook County Board of Commissioner meeting
Tuesday, Jun 25, 2013 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Cook County Community Calendar

                                                                   A G E N D A




                                  COOK COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS




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8:30 a.m.         1.         Resume 2013 Cook County Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting


8:40 a.m.         2.         Adjourn 2013 Cook County Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting


8:41 a.m.         3.         Call regular Cook County Board meeting to order

                                    Pledge of Allegiance

                                    Make adjustment to agenda


8:42 a.m.         4.         PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: Opportunity for citizens to appear before             the County Board.


8:45 a.m.         5.         Betty Schultz, Assessor/Land Commissioner

                                    A.  MN NE Service Cooperative request to purchase land to construct an                                             equipment building


9:00 a.m.         6.         Danna MacKenzie, Information Systems Director 

                                    A.  ARMER radio purchase


                                    B.  Network storage purchase


9:30 a.m.         7.         Bill Lane, Planning & Zoning Administrator

                                    A.  Request for a Conditional Use Permit from Randy Sjogren to expand a                                           mini-golf recreational business in a General Commercial zone district


                                    B.  Request for a Conditional Use Permit from Merritt Johnson for a 22                                               unit Commercial planned unit development, plus 3 single family                                                    residential/commercial units at Terrace Point


                                    C.  Request for an Interim Use Permit from Christopher Beaudoin to allow                                           use of a recreational vehicle for habitation in a FAR-3 zone district on                                            C.R. 7


10:15 a.m.                   B  R  E  A  K


10:30 a.m.       8.         PUBLIC HEARING to consider whether to pass a resolution to withdraw                                      the Irish Creek Winter Maintenance Subordinate Service District and to                                         discontinue the snowplowing service provided within the service district


11:30 a.m.       9.         David Betts, County Engineer

                                    A.  Wetland Delineation – Professional Service for Maple Hill Pit


                                    B.  Road & Bridge Account Clerk – hiring recommendation


11:40 a.m.       10.       Tim Nelson, Planning Director/Solid Waste Officer

                                    A.  Temporary worker for Recycling Center


11:50 a.m.       11.       Scott Harrison, Cook County/Grand Marais Economic Development                                              Authority board member

                                    A.  Superior Nat’l at Lutsen 1% Sales Tax Agreement


                                    B.  Request for Superior Nat’l at Lutsen funding


12:15 p.m.       12.       Braidy Powers, Auditor-Treasurer

                                    A.  Claims


                                    B.  2014 Cook County Budget Calendar


                                    C.  2014 Cook County budget Guidelines


12:30 p.m.       13.       Correspondence – Memos:

                                    A.  State of MN Public Utilities Commission Notice of Decision re: MN                                              Power Boswell Energy Center environmental improvement plan.                                                    Information


                                    B.  Email from the Transportation Alliance, 6/18/13, re: Wheelage and                                                 Sales Tax Changes for counties.  Information.


                                    C.  Cook County Hospital District meeting materials for 6/20/13.                                                           Information.


                                    D.  Letter from Colvill Fire Dept., 6/10/13, re: Fire Hall expansion project.                                           Information.


                                    E.  ORB Management update, 6/14/13, re: Cook County Community                                                   YMCA project. Information.


12:35 p.m.       14.       Employee Concerns

                                    Commissioner Concerns

  1. 1% project updates


  1.  Other meeting updates


  1. Meetings to note


  1. WTIP interview for 6/26/13: Commissioner Gamble


  1. County Administrator recruitment process




A  D  J  O  U  R  N


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Cook County Courthouse

Julie Berglund

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