Cook County Community Calendar
Cook County Board of Commissioner meeting
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Cook County Community Calendar




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8:30 a.m. 1. Call meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Make adjustment to agenda

2. PUBLIC COMMENT: Opportunity for citizens to appear before the County Board.

8:35 a.m. 3. David Betts, County Engineer
A. 2013-2017 Five-year Transportation Improvement Plan

B. Capital purchase request – Federal surplus equipment

C. Authorization to advertise for bids:
1) Calcium Chloride
2) Winter Sand
3) SGSD Summer Maintenance

D. Highway Department – final facility study review

10:15 a.m. B R E A K

10:30 a.m. 4. Elizabeth Schleif - U.S. Forest Service Realty Specialist;
Aaron VandeLinde – MN DNR School Trust Land Administrator
A. Exchange/Purchase of School Trust fund land in BWCAW

11:15 a.m. 5. Betty Schultz, Assessor/Land Commissioner
A. Abatement applications from Great River Energy

11:20 a.m. 6. Tim Nelson, Planning Director/Solid Waste Officer
A. Lakeshore Septic Compliance Program bids

11:35 a.m. 7. Wade Cole, ORB Management
A. Cook County Family YMCA project – approval requests

B. Request for name change to: Cook County Community YMCA

12:00 p.m. L U N C H

1:00 p.m. 8. Jim Wiinanen, Emergency Management Director
A. Hazard Mitigation Assistance Planning Grant – request to apply

B. Emergency Management Training session for Elected Officials

2:30 p.m. B R E A K

2:45 p.m. 9. Braidy Powers, Auditor-Treasurer
A. Claims

B. 2013 Audit Letter

C. DNR Snowmobile Trails Assistance grant resolution

D. DNR Ski Trails Assistance grant resolution

E. Sag Lake Parking Contract

F. Revolving Loan Fund request

2:55 p.m. 10. Employee Concerns
Commissioner Concerns
A. Other 1% Local Option Sales Tax Updates

B. Other meeting updates

C. County Administrator/Coordinator – update
1) 5/6/13 MAT Team meeting
2) Recruitment consultants – information

D. Historical Gunflint Trail Signage

E. Cook County Board of Commissioners’ public comment period

F. WTIP interview for 5/15/13: Commissioner Hakes

G. Reminder: Joint City/County/School/Tribal Council meeting – Thursday, 5/23/13 at 4:00 p.m. in Grand Portage Tribal Council meeting room

3:30 p.m. 11. Correspondence – Memos:
A. U.S. Forest service Schedule of Proposed Action, 4/1/13 – 6/30/13. Information.
B. Letter from Attorney David Oberstar 5/16/13, re: South Fowl Lake snowmobile access project. Information.

C. The Transportation Alliance Updates for 4/26/13 and 5/1/13. Information.

D. Letter from MN Representative David Dill, 4/23/14, re: H.F. 865
regarding end-of-life management systems for products. Information.

E. Email from MN Counties Intergovernmental Trust, 4/23/13, re:
Workers Compensation legislation. Information.

F. Material for 6/6/13 meeting of Greater MN Regional Parks and Trails Coalition. Information.

G. Arrowhead Regional Corrections report, 5/3/13, re: needed capital improvements at NE Regional Corrections Center. Information.

H. Memo from St. Louis County, 4/29/13, re: NE MN HOME
Consortium Joint Powers Agreement. Information.

I. Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging “Aging Connections” newsletter, Spring 2013. Information.

J. Materials for 5/2/13 meeting of Cook County Soil & Water Conservation District Board. Information.

K. Materials for 5/13/13 meeting of Cook County Historical Society Board. Information.

L. Materials for 4/25/13 meeting of Firewise Communities Committee. Information.

M. Cook County Emergency Preparedness committee meeting minutes for 4/23/13. Information.

N. Cook County Communications/911 Committee meeting minutes for 4/8/13. Information.

O. Email from County Ag Inspector David Betts, 4/24/13, re: Gypsy moth quarantine proposal. Information.

P. ORB Management weekly update for Cook County Family YMCA project, 4/24/13. Information.

Q. Letter from Cook County ATV Club, 5/6/13, re: DNR Youth ATV Safety training. Information.

R. MN Rural Counties Caucus email update, 5/9/13. Information.

S. Cook County 1% Local Option Sales Tax Report Through March 2013. Information.

T. Cook County and Ely Area Lodging Tax Report through March 2013. Information.

U. Cook County Broadband Commission meeting minutes for 3/18/13. Information.

V. Revolving Loan Fund Committee meeting minutes for 4/15/13 and 5/9/13. Information.

W. Cook County Board of Commissioner meeting minutes from 4/9/13 through 4/30/13. Motion.

X. Memo from MN Counties Intergovernmental Trust, 4/17/13, re: MCIT Board vacancy. Information.


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Julie Berglund

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