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Learn to design in 3D with SketchUp
Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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 Bob Pranis wants to teach you how to design things, in 3D, on a computer, easily. He can show you how to design a house, a garden, a woodworking project. He'll show you how to draw a room and then see how pieces of furniture might fit in it. Or plan a remodeling project.

The software Pranis uses is SketchUp, and it's free (though there is a paid professional version available, too). And according to Pranis, Sketchup is much easier to use than traditional CAD programs.

Cook County Higher Education is offering a four-class course in using the free version of SketchUp with Pranis as instructor. The course will run 5-7 p.m. Thursdays from Feb. 7-28. Cost is $40 for the course. To register, email or call 387-3411.

Pranis, a PhD chemist, has been involved with computer applications and programming since 1979. He currently owns Boreal Technical & Media Services, which provides technical consulting and technical media (user manuals and marketing materials) for businesses. He has used SketchUp for more than 10 years in product design, homebuilding, remodeling and woodworking. Pranis also is a member of the Cook County Broadband Commission.

This course requires access to a laptop computer which students can bring to the classes. Students also will require a mouse equipped with a scroll wheel, and left and right buttons. Scroll-wheel mice connecting via USB or wireless are available for a wide variety of prices online. A good quality mouse is recommended. Brad at Buck's Radio Shack can get a scroll-wheel mouse for you within a day. If you are interested in the SketchUp course but lack a laptop, Higher Ed has a small number of laptops that you may rent for $25 to use until the course is finished.

Cook County Higher Education

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