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Edit or Delete an Event you Added to the Calendar

NOTE: If you were not logged into the calendar system when you originally added the event, you won't be able to edit or delete it later on. If you need to change or delete an event you added when you weren't logged in, please call the Boreal office at 387-9471.

To change or delete an existing event, first log into the system using the same username and password you used to create the event.

Next, navigate to the event you want to update. To do this, go to the day of the event in the calendar and click on the event title.

When you're viewing the event, you'll see a link near the bottom to Edit this Event. Click this link and you'll be taken to a form where you can make changes to the event. If you want to delete the event, click the Delete Event button at the bottom of the page.

If you don't see the Edit this Event link, it means you do not have permission to update the event. Either it was added under a different email address or username than the one you logged in with, or you weren't logged in when you added the event.

If this is a repeating event, you have the option to change or delete just the event occuring on the day you're looking at, or all future occurences of this event. To just change this day, click the Update Event or Delete Event button. To change all future occurences of the event, click either the Update This and Future Events or Delete This and Future Events button. If you're changing the way the event repeats, you must click the Update This and Future Events button for the change to take effect.

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