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Change Calendar Settings or Delete a Calendar

To change or delete an existing calendar, first log into the system using the same username and password you used to create the calendar.

Once you're logged in, your calendar will appear in the list in the left sidebar, with a Settings link below the calendar title. Click Settings.

This will take you to a page where you can change the settings for the calendar, including updating the list of people who can access your calendar. Make your desired changes and click the Update Calendar button at the bottom. If you want to delete the calendar, click the Delete Calendar button.

If you don't go to the calendar settings page when you click Settings, you are either not the person who created the calendar, or you're not logged into the system. Only the person who created the calendar can change its settings or delete it. If someone else clicks the Settings link, he or she will get a page allowing them to change the way the calendar looks when they view it.

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