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Hook into Your Google Calendar

If you have a Google Calendar, you can hook into it from this system. This will allow you to view events from your Google Calendar on this system and copy events from this system to your Google calendar.

Link to your Google Account

To take advantage of these features, first you must create a link between your Boreal calendar account and your Google calendar. You only need to do this once! To do this:

View events from your Google calendar on a Boreal calendar

To view events from your Google calendar on a Boreal calendar, first go to the View settings for that calendar by clicking the Settings link for that calendar. (See Create Your Own Personal View of a Calendar for more information.) On the View settings page, near the bottom, check the box below "Should events from your Google calendar be displayed on this calendar?", and optionally select a color. If you select a color, when the Google calendar events are displayed on the Boreal calendar, they'll be displayed in this color. Click the Update View button to save this setting.

Copy events from a Boreal calendar to your Google calendar

To copy an event to your Google calendar, first go to that event by clicking its title in the calendar. When you're viewing the event, you'll see a link at the bottom saying Send to Google Calendar. Simply click this link and the event will be copied to your Google calendar.

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