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Create your Own Personal View of a Calendar

You can change the way any calendar looks when you initially view it. To change a calendar view and to see your own personal view of a calendar, you must first log into the calendar system.

Once you're logged in, in the left sidebar you'll see a list of all the calendars you can view. Under each calendar's name will be a link called Settings - click this link. (Note - some calendars will not be visible until you click the More Calendars link in the left sidebar.)

Now one of two things will happen:

If you're not sure you're on the right page, look at the page title - it should be "Calendar View". On this page fill out the form with the following information to create your personal view of the calendar:

Default View:
Select Month, 2-Weeks, Week or Day to specify which view of the calendar you'll see when you initially bring it up.

List events from this calendar on the Boreal home page when you're logged into the Boreal site?
If you check "Yes" on this question, whenever you're logged into the Boreal home page ( you'll see events from this calendar included in the list of upcoming events on the Boreal home page.

Do you want to receive an email alert when an event is added or updated on this calendar?
If you check "yes" here, every time an event is added or updated on this calendar you'll receive an email message.

Should events from other calendar(s) be displayed in this calendar?
When you're looking at this calendar, you can choose to see events from other calendars listed along with the events on this calendar. If you want this, click to put a check in front of the calendar name in the list below. Optionally, select a color for that calendar - if you do this that calendar's events will be displayed on this calendar in the color you choose. This is an easy way to see what events came from which calendar.

Should events from your Google calendar be displayed on this calendar?
This field will only appear if you've connected your Google calendar to this system. (See Hook into your Google Calendar.) If you check this box, whenever you view this calendar the events from your Google calendar will also be displayed, in whatever color you choose.

After filling in the above information, click the Update View button to save your changes.

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