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Create a Calendar

The calendar system allows Boreal members to create their own calendars. You can create a calendar for your family schedule, a group you're associated with, or anything else that needs to be scheduled.

To create a calendar, first log in using your Boreal email address and password in the Member Login form on the left sidebar. Then click the Create a Calendar link on the left sidebar. (You won't see this link until you're logged in.)

After you click the Create a Calendar link, you'll be taken to a form. Simply fill out the form with the following information to create your calendar:

Calendar Title:
Enter the name of the calendar you're adding. This field is required.

Description of Calendar:
Enter a brief description of your calendar. This field is optional.

Who should be able to view this calendar?
Specify who should be able to see your calendar. If you select A group of people I determine you will get a list of all registered calendar users. Check the ones you want to allow access to your calendar.

NOTE that this list will only include people who have logged into the calendar system at some point. If someone is not on the list and you want them to be able to view your calendar, have them log into the system. Then their name will show up on the list and you can go back later and check it.

Who should be able to add events to this calendar?
If you want to be the only one who can put an event on the calendar, click Just me. If you selected "A group of people I determine" on the previous field, you can allow anyone in that group to add events to the calendar by selecting Anyone who can view it on this question.

Do you need to approve events before they're displayed on the calendar?
This only makes sense if you checked Anyone who can view it on the previous field. In this case, check "yes" on this question if you want to have events held for your approval before they're shown on the calendar. Use the Unapproved Events link in the left sidebar to review and approve events on your calendar. (Note that your events will never be held for approval, as you're the calendar owner.)

Do you want to be notified when someone adds or updates events on this calendar?
If you check "yes" on this question, you'll receive an email message every time an event is added, updated, or deleted on your calendar.

Do you want this calendar to be expanded in the list of calendars on the left sidebar?
All the calendars you're allowed to view are listed in the green left sidebar. In order to keep this list from getting too long, you can choose to initially hide some calendars in this list. You will need to click the More Calendars link in the left sidebar to see these hidden calendars. If you want this calendar to be initially hidden, select "no" on this question.

What should be the default view for this calendar?
Select Month, 2-Week, Week, or Day to determine how the calendar will first appear when someone views it. Note that individuals can change their default view of the calendar. If someone doesn't change their default view, the view you select here is what they'll see.

After filling in the above information, click the Create Calendar button to create the calendar.

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