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Create a Calendar Account

This function is for non-Boreal members who need to be able to view or add events to a private calendar. For example, if your group has a Boreal calendar which allows any member of the group to post events to the calendar, and you're not a Boreal member, you'll need to create an account in order to be given access to that calendar.

NOTE! If you're a Boreal member you do NOT NEED to do this! You can log into the system using your Boreal email address and password. It's better to use your Boreal email address to log in, as that will give you some options that other accounts don't have.

To create a calendar account, click the Set up a calendar account link on the left sidebar, just below the login form. If you're logged in, you won't see this link.

After you click the link, you'll be taken to a form. All the fields on this form are required. Simply fill out the form with the following information to create your calendar account:

Choose a Username:
Pick a username you'll use to log into the system. It can be pretty much anything, but make sure it's something you can remember!

Choose a Password:
Enter the password you want to use to log into the calendar system. A good rule for passwords is to try and pick something you can remember but that will be hard for someone else to guess. For that reason, your password should not be a) the same as your username, b) your name or the name of your child, c) anything else obvious. The best passwords combine small letters, large letters and numbers.

Re-enter your Password:
Enter the same password you entered in the previous field.

Enter your name:
Put in your name.

Enter your email:
Enter your email address.

Please enter the code above:
Look at the image just above this field and type in the letters and numbers shown in that image. If you can't read the numbers, try clicking the Reload image link to get a new image.

After filling in the above information, click the Create Account button to create your account. Once you've created the account you can log into the calendar system.

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