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Welcome to 1010 Interiors

The North Shore’s award-winning interior design company!

At 1010 Interiors, we’re working for you. We offer personalized, professional design services, world class fixtures, flooring, cabinets, wall coverings and more... all backed by an expert installation crew. We specialize in new home construction and home remodeling or renovation. However, we are also experienced with extensive commercial projects.

We believe better design begins with a friendly relationship between you and your designer. At 1010 Interiors, we have the creative skill, the attention to detail, and the patience to see it all though. LeAnn, Bryan, Marla, Joe, Bob, Nancy, and Donnie put the customer first to make sure your new construction or remodeling project is a rewarding and satisfying experience.

We can install all of the products that we sell. Our installers are certified, licensed, and insured. We can also assist you with color selection and arrange for papering and painting services meeting our quality standards.
Design Awards Grand Prize, Leann Zunker