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Notice to Haulers - Seasonal Road Restrictions

Mar 22, 2017 09:05AM, Published by Eric Block, Categories: News

Seasonal road restrictions will go into effect at 12:01 a.m., Wednesday, March 22, 2017, and will remain in effect for a minimum of eight weeks.  After that period, road restrictions will be lifted on a case-by-case basis as conditions warrant.
All Cook County roads are limited to 5 tons per axle unless otherwise posted.  The following roads are posted as follows:

10 Tons per Axle
            CSAH   12            TH 61 to Hedstrom’s Mill
9 Tons per Axle
            CSAH   2            TH 61 to end of bituminous (FR 164)
            CSAH   4            TH 61 to end of bituminous (FR 164)
            CSAH   5            Entire length
            CSAH   7            Entire length
            CSAH   8            CSAH 12 to CR 27
            CSAH  12            Hedstrom’s Mill to Greenwood Road (FR 309)
7 Tons per Axle
            CSAH   12            Greenwood Road (FR 309) to Seagull Lake (FR 1355)
            CSAH   16            TH 61 to Hovland Tower Road
            CSAH   17            TH 61, east to Hat Point
            CSAH   18            Entire length
            CSAH   23            TH 61 to CSAH 17
5 Tons per Axle
            CSAH    1            Entire length
            CSAH    2            Honeymoon Trail (FR 164) to The Grade (FR 170)
            CSAH   12            Seagull Lake (FR 1355) to end
            CSAH   14            Entire length
            CSAH   17            TH 61, west to Mineral Center (CR 89)
            CR       45            CSAH 7 to Pike Lake
            CR       48            Entire length
            All other county roads that are not posted.
4 Tons per Axle
            CSAH    8            CR 27 to CR 57
            CSAH   16            North of Shoe Lake Road (FR 313)
            CSAH   17            TH 61, north to Jct. CR 89
            CR       57            CSAH 8 to Bally Creek Road
            CR       89            Entire length
            CR       74            Entire length

David L. Betts, P.E.
Cook County Highway Engineer
Cook County Highway Department
609 East Fourth Avenue
Grand Marais, Minnesota 55604
Phone (218) 387-3014
Fax (218) 387-3012

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