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2017 Boreal Sponsorships Now Available.

Jan 03, 2017 02:01PM, Published by Editor, Categories: Community

We very much appreciate the past financial support of our business sponsors because without it, Boreal would not be able to continue as a non-profit contributor to our community.  We also are thankful for your patience during a challenging year for Boreal, and we regret the inconveniences we may have caused.

We Need You Now 

We expected to launch our new website in mid-November—but early November changed everything. Serial email service outages underscored just how fragile our aging servers are. We are now repairing or replacing them—and in need of funds to rapidly do so. Your sponsorship dollars now are critical to achieving this.  We are also beginning to migrate our email users to a world class email service to ensure reliability and security, and that you will get less spam.  Those customers who have already migrated to the new service are delighted with the change.

5 Sponsorship Levels for 2017

In anticipation of our launch of the new, we ask that in 2017 you consider making room in your budget for increasing your level of sponsorship to expand your market reach, and deepen its impact. 

Here's why:

With 200,000 annual users and an average 4-minute/page viewing time—several orders of magnitude above the average times for web page views—our analytics for provide proof of the power the site holds for attracting readers’ attention. Not just for residents of Cook County, but seasonal residents and visitors from far and wide. It’s a short hop to converting that user attention to actions that contribute to thriving businesses and community.

Contact our Development Director Anne Braatas at to discuss renewals and upgrading sponsorship levels on our new dynamic ad platform that allows you to easily target messages in premium page real estate: We offer five annual sponsorship levels - $250 (available only to existing members now at the $250 level); $500, $1000, $2,5000 and $5,000. We would be happy to give business sponsors an in-person preview of the new site and demonstrate the marketing benefits we believe the new offers that position it to become a key element of your business success.

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